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IT Management, Quality Control and Compliance



After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • IT Management is about managing the 4 Ps (People, Processes, Partners and Products) to support our organization most effectively and cost-efficiently, based on our IT services. People are our most valuable resources.
  • This is a practical class which will enable the attendees to achieve the below topics
  • By using real life - regional experience, this course is designed to assist our local IT managers with the following focuses:
    • People Management
    • Service Catalog Management
    • The Help Desk organization
    • Risk Management
    • Process Management and Reporting
    • Quality Improvement and Internal Auditing


  • All IT leaders, including Quality Control and Internal Audit teams.

DURATIONS:  28 hours


  • People management (develop KPIs – to assess and develop our IT team)
    • This involves 3 levels of assessments: Company, departmental and personal.
    • Competency and Skills framework development – workload management, performance management, people development, etc.)
  • Service Catalog management
    • The development and assessment of our Service Catalog, whereby the importance of the Service Managers, Service Owners, and SLAs (OLAs) must be organized correctly for it to be most effective.
  • The Help Desk organization – The help desk team is a representative of our IT team/department. For the help desk to be truly successful, the followings must be taken into account:
    • Help desk team selection criteria
    • Help desk team break-down (levels: 0.5, 1, 1.5)
    • Help desk team’s processes
    • Help desk team’s performance management
    • Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Risk Management – based on each service in our Service Catalog, with the following focuses:
    • People
    • Processes
    • Partners
    • Products
  • Process management and reporting
    • How to develop effective processes
    • How to analyze and identify trends
    • What reports do we need and how to present them to our management and senior management teams
  • Quality Improvement and Internal Auditing (Governance) – process audits are crucial to our improvement and success
    • Internal process auditing – development of key controls and audits based on these key controls.
    • Analyze areas for improvement
    • Process compliance


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