Monitoring the entire operation and ensuring 100% of the capacity of all the devices in the system is not an easy task, especially when these devices always change depending on the needs of each enterprise.

This poses a challenge for network administrators, required them to have in-depth knowledge of network administration, understanding the configuration info of each device, application, software, as well as other components in the network and how it works. Imagine a business of about 1000 employees working in branches and workshops operating across the country, each employee - with their many devices such as desktops, laptops, cell phones, tablets - processing billions of information every day from a variety of sources. Ensuring that all devices CAN operate in such a system is a complex task for IT department, not to mention the fact that al these devices must work well to serve its business purposes.

What if your network management team can develop a solution to make these complex tasks easier, what criteria will be laid out during the design process? Quick installation? Easy to use? Flexibility to upgrade to be compatible with the development of the system? Get instant support from the global network engineering community? Do not need to spend a lot of money?

And what if we have developed a system that meets all the above criteria?

Solarwinds Orion Network Management

Comprehensive management platform: fault tolerance, bandwidth and network capabilities, resulting in smooth and clear network performance.

Monitoring System Management System
  • Network Devices
  • Servers
  • Applications
  • Database
  • Storage System
  • Network Security
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Remote Control


Why Solarwinds?

  • Simple and convenient: manage the entire network only through a single operating interface, designed to easily interact with all objects in the enviroment.
  • Powerful platform: Advanced management tools help network administrators deploy their work quickly and efficiently.
  • Reasonable price: Provide a comprehensive solution at a price that fits into the IT budget of organizations, ensuring the business can operate effectively with maximum capacity.
  • Automatic system management and monitoring: saves time and manpower for network administration.
  • Automatic error alert system via email or sms, ..
  • Automatically generate and send related reports.

Main Features: