ITIL Foundation

What are the career benefits of this ITIL® 4 Certification?

ITIL® certification is one of the primary requirements for professionals who want to learn and understand the fundamental concepts of ITIL frameworks to enhance the quality of IT Service Management. ITIL certified professionals can earn 40 per cent more than their non-certified peers. This ITIL certification is best suited for:

  • IT executives
  • IT architects
  • Business operation managers
  • IT audit managers
  • IT planners and consultants
  • Database administrators
  • ITSM trainers
  • Service delivery professionals
  • Quality analysts
  • Application management and development teams
  • IT managers and support managers

What are the course objectives?

ITIL® 4 is the latest release of the ITIL framework, designed to provide a more practical viewpoint to the ITIL lifecycle with best practices from other complementary platforms such as Agile, DevOps and Lean. The objective of this course is to provide a foundational level of understanding of the ITIL 4 framework, key elements, concepts and terminologies associated with ITIL service lifecycle, and how it has evolved to adopt modern technologies and operational processes. The course covers all necessary concepts in the service management framework to support candidates studying for the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Exam.

What skills will you learn?

Upon completion of this ITIL Certification training you will learn:

  • Concepts, key principles and process models required to pass the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.
  • How ITIL principles can help an individual understand and apply IT service management in their organization. 
  • How to improve customer experience and ITSM efficiency with the help of ITIL tools and techniques. 
  • The purposes and key terms of 15 ITIL practices.
  • Industry best practices for deploying IT services.

ITIL Course Preview 

  • Introduction to Service Management and ITIL
    • Introduction
    • Significance of IT Service Management
    • Goals of ITIL4 Foundation
    • Structure and Benefits of ITIL4 Framework
    • Key Takeaways
    • Knowledge Check
  • Key Concepts of Service Management
    • Introduction
    • Service Management Value and Value Co-creation
    • Organizations Service Providers Service Consumers and Other Stakeholders
    • Products Services and Service Offering
    • Service Relationships
    • Outcomes Costs Risks Utility and Warranty
    • Key Takeaways
    • Knowledge Check
  • Four Dimension of Service Management
    • The Four Dimensions of Service Management
    • Introduction to the Four Dimensions of Service Management
    • Organizations and People
    • Information and Technology
    • Partners and Suppliers
    • Value Streams and Processes
    • External Factors
    • Key Takeaways0
    • Knowledge Check
  • ITIL Service Value System
    • Introduction
    • Introduction to Service Value System
    • Opportunity Demand and Value
    • The ITIL Guiding Principles
    • Governance
    • Service Value Chain
    • Continual Improvement
    • Agile ITSM and Organizational Silos
    • Key Takeaways
    • Knowledge Check
  • ITIL Management Practices
    • ITIL Management Practices
    • General Management Practices
    • General Management Practices
    • Service Management Practices
    • Service Management Practices
    • Technical Management Practices
    • Key Takeaways
    • Knowledge Check
  • ITIL 4 Foundation Examination Format
    • Introduction