ICDL (stands for "International Computer Driving Licene") is a non-profit organization, established on January 8, 1997 in Dublin, Ireland under the support of the European Union of Information Technology (CEPIS) and the European Commission (EC) - works with the mission of supporting and promoting digital skills in life.

ICDL certification is globally recognized and provided through a network of over 100 countries, more than 24,000 testing centers, allowing individuals and organizations with easy access...

ICDL is the only set of certificates that fully meet the criteria with all the skills specified by the Ministry of Information and Communications in Circular No. 03/2014 / TT-BTTTT dated March 11, 2014 on "IT skills standard".

ICDL Vietnam is a representative (National Operator) of ICDL Foundation - Coordination and quality assurance in all activities of ICDL Foundation in Vietnam, such as: cooperation with state agencies, educational institutions, NGOs, businesses and communities to provide ICDL training, retraining, examination and certification center programs...

SmartPro is an authorized training and test center by ICDL Vietnam.

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