Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning – a morden IT solution instead of separate functional softwares to support general enterprise governance.

What Benefits Does ERP Bring To Enterprises?

  • Approach trustworthy, exact and quick management information  source.
  • Standardize human activities.
  • Enhance manufacturing performance.
  • Control, reduce inventory.
  • Optimize sales processes.
  • Control customer information.
  • communicate, socialize internal contacts.

HitekERPTM­­ Solution

HitekERPTM –  designed to become a smart and loyal assistant for enterprises.

Hightlights Of  HitekERPTM Solutions:

  • Automated process – Reduce human errors: Standardize between departments to reduce crossed works and saving time.
  • Control hiden expenses – Monitor to prevent fraudulence: Reduce hiden costs from down-time, crossed works, lack finacial cotrol.
  • Evaluate data immediately with active information system: CEO can easily follow all informations about business, accounting, human resource,… with real-time data.
  • Quick deployment – High success rate: SmartPro team will support for installing and training enterprise staffs using ERP software only in one week.
  • Information security – Data security: Deploy Cloud foundation of world leading services Amazon, Google, Microsoft to ensure safety and security for data.
  • Trace all data manipulations from users: The system provides a mechanism allowing to trace all data manipulations from users. All data which are inputed into the system from users, will stored permantly according to the needs of the enterprise.

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