Increase endpoint security and reduce IT workload and cost

Ivanti® Application Control offers IT unprecedented control over endpoints, reducing security risk while providing a great user experience in the latest Windows environments. In addition to contextual application control, the solution delivers secure Windows privilege management that lets you remove users’ full admin rights and prevents unauthorized executables such as malware, ransomware, unlicensed software, and other unknown applications from being installed or executed. Application Control 10.1 also enables your IT team to manage application access and user privileges efficiently across your desktop and server estate.

Full Support for Windows Server 2016 and extended support for Windows 10

Application Control 10.1 delivers full support for Windows Server 2016 and extended support for Windows 10, expanding its ability to stop ransomware and malware. This latest version also provides IT admins with enhanced, granular end user controls to improve end user personalization and endpoint security.

Trusted Ownership

Application Control uses Trusted Ownership, checking for out-of-the-box endpoint security. It relies on examining the NTFS owner of an application. If an application is introduced, and hence owned, by a non-trusted owner, e.g. a standard user, the application is prevented instantly from running.

However, if an application is introduced and owned by a ‘Trusted Owner’, e.g. an administrator or a software deployment system such as Microsoft SCCM, then every user can run the application, unless otherwise stated. This alleviates IT of the ongoing burden of maintaining whitelists associated with other application control solutions, when application or operating system content requires patching.