1. HitekERP

Introduce HitekERPTM:

  • Technology products of India.
  • Standard management process, flexibly adjusted to meet the detailed business needs.
  • Integrated solutions with full functions or sperated modules for using individual.
  • Integrating specific modules: HitekCRMTM, HitekPOSTM, HitekPMSTM,….
  • Powerful core-base updated continually.
  • Convenient English / Vietnamese interface.
  • Running on various platforms: Desktop, Web, Mobile,…
  • Incorporating BI tools, automatically submit reports.
  • Suitable for different types of business:
    • Restaurant – Coffee
    • Hotel
    • Service trade
    • Transportation
    • Service apartment
    • Trade center
    • Apartment


Solution Packages:


2. HitekPMS

Introduce HitekPMS

No more anxiety and confusion in managing hotel or service apartment. HitekPMS helps you to utilize the power of technology to expand your business:

  • Provide full of functions for receptionist including: Room management, customer management, payment management, ...
  • Easily manage all asset as well as repair and maintain all devices.
  • Provide a professional Back Office System – standardly manage all issues related to hotel services, service apartments.

Main functions:

  • General Management: Captures all activities: guest amount, revenue, booking, available room, check in / check out, …
  • House Management: Provides functions for room management department (house), handle room’s profession, record revenue of guests’s laundry quickly and conveniently. List quantity, cost of  customers’s laundries in duration of stay.
  • Chain Managemen: Allows to manage hotel, service apartments chains on the basis of centralized management  with unique system
  • Inventory Management: Provides module of Back Office software for inventory management flexibly. From it, enterprise can know quantity of warehousing and ex-warehousing, inventory of each kind of goods, therefore, enterprise will make plans which adjust goods the next time, help to save cost, limit losses
  • Remote Management: Accesses the management network quickly with a stable internet connection. Managers can access the system directly through Smart phone to know the business situation of enterprise quickly
  • BI Reports: Provides hundreds kinds of detailed visual reports, statistics all business and administrative parameters, gets a overview about operating situation of hotel, sevice apartment at the moment. From it, enterprise can make exact business decisions for the hotel, sevice apartment in the future.

With HitekPMS, management has never been so easy like that:

  • Building a cloud platform
  • Human optimization and time management
  • Booking room simply and quickly
  • Easy interface for user
  • Easy device  maintenance

System of Solution Packages:

3. HitekPOS


HitekPOS is built specifically for food and entertainment services with full professional functions. HitekPOS allows you to update the status of all your items in the storage as well as takes control over your financial budgets. Especially, it can be connected to wireless devices and manage remotely through the internet whenever you need. As a result, managers will have more time for stay focus on developing the business.

Why we should use HitekPOS?

  • Save time and resources
  • Enhance company brand and competitive advantages
  • Improve service quality
  • Comprehensively manage all activities of the restaurant
  • Promoting business operations

Main functions:

  • Order management: Order food, add order, cancel order, … Keep track of food service status
  • Table management: Order table, move table, join table, cancel table. Manage the serving status of each table, configuration of all table areas
  • Menu management: Menu listing, sale price, promotion price, preferential price. Distinguishing the list of old dishes, new dishes, special dishes of the day
  • Payment management: Update bill, check bill and pay bill onsite without returning to the cashier. Print bill
  • Inventory management: Check stock status and tracking all goods

Hightlights of  HitekPOSTM:

  • Report fully and understand easily
  • Statistic visually and  simply
  • Operate fastly, accurately, stably
  • Calculate incomings and outgoings accurately and scientifically
  • Update information on the server automatically
  • Support for connection to restaurant portal
  • Support to consult for design, organize technical systems in the restaurant
  • Support for diagnostic and troubleshooting through internet, email, phone

System of Solution Packages: