Ivanti IT Asset Management

Why do you need to manage your IT assets?

Almost all businesses, large or small, are using IT as a solid foundation to sustain and grow their core business. And to achieve that goal, they need to know where you are in the fierce market

This, when applied to IT sector, means you need to know what your IT systems is doing and whether it is operating effectively to meet up with your business goals or it is wasting your money and efforts to keep the business going.

In addition, almost all organizations / businesses are at risk of being audited by software vendors. Therefore, businesses have to face the risk of paying huge fines and penalties if the enterprise does not manage the situation of using software in the working environment. Businesses may be spending too much on unnecessary software.

Facing such threats, adopting an IT asset management tool for businesses is no longer a "good thing to do", but an urgent task that needs to be implemented in order to create  and optimize a stable working enviroment for enterprises to focus on developing their business activities.


  • Saving maximally time and human resources spent on IT systems.
  • Optimize your IT investment costs.
  • Control, enhance and improve the quality of IT services.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and relationships.
  • Enhance enterprise competitive advantage.
  • Increase labor productivity and professionalism of IT staff.



  • Asset repository: Keep track of asset information, including identifying data, lifecycle status, stock, location and warranty information.
  • Lifecycle tracking: Consistent asset management from procurement to purchase order and invoicing, receipt, deployment and disposal.
  • Product catalog: Visibility into purchased and assigned assets, current stock levels or active orders to increase speed to provision while reducing service desk calls.
  • Cost and contract visibility: Report on IT spend and calculate and track asset age and value. View and manage contracts effectively and make informed decisions for contract negotiations.
  • Barcode scanning: Speed up data receival and retrieval: scan assets to look up or modify information or scan multiple assets as part of asset tracking.
  • Vendor management: Store vendor information and aggregate performance in vendor scorecards to ensure you are managing strategic vendors effectively.
  • Cloud-based: Hosted on Ivanti's multi-tenant, cloud-based technology platform; ISO 27001 certified. Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is also available on-premises. 
  • IT reporting: Create beautiful dashboards of IT asset data.
  • Automation: Employ automation across your IT systems.


License Optimizer for Clients


License Optimizer for Servers


Asset Manager for Endpoints

(Software & Hardware)

  • Discovery Services
  • Client Discovery and Inventory (UNO,EPM)
  • Normalization
  • B2B Connectors
  • Software Usage
  • Software Reclamation
  • ELP (Effective License Position)
  • Modeling and Trending
  • Discovery Services
  • Data Center
  • Discovery and Inventory (iQuate)
  • Normalization
  • B2B Connectors
  • What If Analysis
  • Vendor Optimization
  • Xtraction*
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Self-Service & Request
  • HR, Request, Contract, Vendor, Acquisition
  • Management
  • Xtraction*



  • 100% web-based and usable on all types of devices.
  • The elements of the solution are established based on best practices.
  • Real-time analysis and extraction reports.
  • Simple configuration, easy and quick setup.
  • Integrated user management tools and displays detailed information of terminals.
  • Workflow automation and voice integration solutions help get things done quickly.
  • Flexible deployment tools based on native codebase.


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