Why do you need to manage your IT assets?

Almost all businesses, large or small, are using IT as a solid foundation to sustain and grow their core business. And to achieve that goal, they need to know where you are in the fierce market

This, when applied to IT sector, means you need to know what your IT systems is doing and whether it is operating effectively to meet up with your business goals or it is wasting your money and efforts to keep the business going.

In addition, almost all organizations / businesses are at risk of being audited by software vendors. Therefore, businesses have to face the risk of paying huge fines and penalties if the enterprise does not manage the situation of using software in the working environment. Businesses may be spending too much on unnecessary software.

Facing such threats, adopting an IT asset management tool for businesses is no longer a "good thing to do", but an urgent task that needs to be implemented in order to create  and optimize a stable working enviroment for enterprises to focus on developing their business activities.

Key Differentiators:

  • Better management of IT asset inventory.
  • Strengthen the ability to coordinate work between staffs
  • Reduce the downtime of the device.
  • Minimizes time and cost of IT asset management.
  • Minimize the possibility of equipment loss due to theft or wrong handover, ...
  • Avoid abusive copyright and penalties.
  • Reduce the support from the IT team
  • Higher scalability.

Ivanti IT Asset Management

Ivanti enables asset managers to know what assets they have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they’re performing for better decisions at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle. Whether IT need to reclaim unused software or an employee needs to access a vital app, Ivanti empowers the user and helps the business and the most from its hardware ans software investments.

By intergrating ans customizing key elements to meet the organization unique’s needs, the customer gains better visibility, better asset control, and reclamation of software or license funds due to compliancy – all of which lead to an optimized enviroment.