Certified Business Analysis Professional(CBAP) Certification

What is the primary focus of this course?

CBAP® is the most popular business analyst certification internationally, and It is aligned with the 2016 release of CBAP® by IIBA. It will empower you to develop the skills to be proficient in business analysis, while also enabling you to clear your IIBA–CBAP® exam in the first attempt. With this course, you will build expertise in the six knowledge areas defined in BABOK® Guide Version 3: business analysis planning & monitoring, elicitation, requirements management & communication, enterprise analysis, requirements analysis and solution assessment & validation.

What are the course objectives?

Upon completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Pass the IIBA-CBAP® exam (Most Simplilearn students pass on the first try.)
  • Understand Business Analysis Key Concepts
  • Understand the Business Analysis Core Concept Model
  • Guide practices related to 30 business analysis tasks in six knowledge areas
  • Understand 50 business analysis tools and techniques
  • Understand the five business analysis perspectives: Agile, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Business Architecture, and Business Process Management

Who should take CBAP Certification course?

The IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional Course is best suited for:

  • Aspiring business analysts with over seven to ten years of experience
  • Senior Analysis Professionals
  • Project Managers

Course preview

  • Lesson 01 - Introduction to CBAP® Certification
  • Lesson 02 - Introduction to BABOK® V3 
  • Lesson 03 - Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 
  • Lesson 04 - Elicitation and Collaboration 
  • Lesson 05 - Requirements Life Cycle Management 
  • Lesson 06 - Strategy Analysis 
  • Lesson 07 - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 
  • Lesson 08 - Solution Evaluation 
  • Lesson 09 - Agile Perspective 
  • Lesson 10 - Business Intelligence Perspective 
  • Lesson 11 - Information Technology Perspective 
  • Lesson 12 - Business Architecture Perspective 
  • Lesson 13 - Business Process Management Perspective