Introduction to Data Analytics


Simplilearn’s Introduction to Data Analytics course will give you insights into how to apply data and analytics principles in your business. Learning analytics, data visualization, and data science methodologies through this course will make you capable of driving better business decisions and ROI.

The focus of this Data Analytics online course is to introduce beginners to the fundamental concepts of Data Analytics through real-world case studies and examples. The courseware covers the importance of data analytics and visualization for decision-making in a business setting, the difference between data analytics, data science and machine learning, and how to build an analytics framework and use analytics tools to uncover meaningful business insights.


  • 3 hours of online self-paced learning 
  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning 
  • Industry-recognized course completion certificate 
  • Real-world case studies and examples


  • After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand how to solve analytical problems in real-world scenarios
  • Define effective objectives for analytics projects
  • Work with different types of data
  • Understand the importance of data visualization to help make more effective business decisions
  • Understand charts, graphs and tools used for analytics and visualization and use them to derive meaningful insights
  • Create an analytics adoption framework
  • Identify upcoming trends in the data analytics field


The course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of data analytics and pursue a career in this growing field. The course also caters to CxO level and middle management professionals who want to improve their ability to derive business value and ROI from analytics.


This Introduction to Data Analytics course has been designed for all levels, regardless of prior knowledge of analytics, statistics or coding. Familiarity with mathematics is helpful for this course.


Lesson 01 - Course Introduction

Lesson 02 - Data Analytics Overview

Lesson 03 - Dealing with Different Types of Data

Lesson 04 - Data Visualization for Decision making

Lesson 05 - Data Science, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning

Lesson 06 - Data Science Methodology

Lesson 07 - Data Analytics in Different Sectors

Lesson 08 - Analytics Framework and Latest trends