Digital Transformation for Leaders


This course is designed to help you transform into a digital leader. This training will give you an overview of Digital transformation, why it is necessary in today’s world, and how it significantly impacts key industries. This course will encourage you to take risks and to drive digital culture. It will also aid you in creating a wave of change and help you become more customer-centric, innovative, and strategic to ensure complete business fit and extensive growth.


  • 2.5 hours of self-paced videos Assessment 
  • Test on completion of the course 
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date content 
  • 10 high-quality chapters


After completing this course, students will have knowledge and skills to:

  • Transform how a company operates and engages with customers by leveraging technologies and data Perform an in-depth analysis of how current processes can be improved 
  • Identify the changes to be made in the business processes
  • Prioritize the process to gain maximum returns
  • Implement the changes that are planned and analyze the impact
  • Create a rollout plan with clearly identified roles, responsibilities, and timelines
  • Adopt various new technologies that suit the needs of your business
  • Drive business outcomes
  • Automate the entire process, resulting in acceleration of growth and sales
  • Come up with innovative business strategies, effective operational procedures, and disruptive marketing approaches


This Digital Transformation certification is most suited for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs/CXOs
  • Marketing Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Quality Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Product managers
  • Project managers


There are no prerequisites for this Digital Transformation course.


  • Lesson 01 - Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • Lesson 02 - Blueprint of Digital Transformation
  • Lesson 03 - Driving a Digital Culture and Mindset
  • Lesson 04 - Business Analytics and Big Data
  • Lesson 05 - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Lesson 06 - Blockchain and IOT
  • Lesson 07 - Robotics Process Automation
  • Lesson 08 - Cloud and Devops
  • Lesson 09 - Digital Marketing
  • Lesson 10 - Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Lesson 11 - 3D Printing
  • Lesson 12 - Conclusion and Next Steps