Chương Trình Đào Tạo IT Service & Architecture

IT Service and Architecture involves the management and control of information technology systems. IT Service frameworks like ITIL help organizations better align IT infrastructure with their business objectives. ITIL and TOGAF are the most accepted frameworks in IT Service Management and IT architecture, respectively.

ITIL Lifecycle Expert Program

The ITIL® Lifecycle Expert program will enable you to master all 5 phases of the IT service management lifecycle. You’ll learn to align IT strategy with business vision, manage the service delivery process across the lifecycle and develop capabilities to ensure a smooth transition of new services into operations. Boost your salary by 40% over non certified peers with this expert course.

ITIL Capability Expert Program

The ITIL Capability Expert Program is designed to give you specialized knowledge of the service processes of ITIL - the IT framework that sets the international benchmark of quality for IT professionals around the world. This Masters course focuses on the practical application of OSA, PPO, RCV and SOA, the four modules that support IT operations, application management and financial management.

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